Price: $24

Seller: Jesse Lucks
State: Arizona
City: Warren
Zip code: 16365
Type: Animals

1/2 mile range; 10 momentary, 10 continuous; waterproof collar/receiver & transmitter; buzz option; expandable (up to 3 dogs)
Rugged, reliable, and simple to use.
20 total levels of stimulation (10 momentary & 10 continuous) adjustable from the transmitter.
This Sport Basic G3 comes as a complete 1-dog system (with transmitter, collar/receiver, all required batteries, charging cradles and power supplies, a transmitter lanyard, a product training manual and DVD.
To expand the system to support 2 or 3 dogs, simply add the Tri-Tronics Accessory EXP Receiver(s), which can easily be programmed to your transmitter, along with the corresponding collar straps.
The Sport Basic G3 is flexible enough that you can find the type and level of stimulation that works best for your dog in any training situation. The lightweight transmitter can fit into your shirt pocket or hang around your neck on the lanyard we provide.
The collar/receiver has insulated contact points that provide consistent and reliable stimulation in all training situations including wet conditions. These contact points come in both long and short options so that you can select the point that best fits your dog's needs.
The Sport Series works reliably at one-half mile so that you will have long-range control over your dog. It can be operated without looking at the transmitter so that you can watch your dog and deliver the appropriate stimulation at exactly the right time.
New enhancements with the "G3" introduction include a newly styled transmitter that features a "rubberized" grip area, a sleeker 1-1/2" fixed antenna, and it is fully waterproof.
The collar is made from Lexan - the same material used to make bulletproof products and the receiver offers a battery charging system - no exposed charging port or covers to remove or replace. The removable, rechargeable battery pack allows you to keep an extra battery pack with you and change it in the field if necessary. This charging system is also a "smart" system - it automatically reads battery capacity and adjusts the charging time as needed. Fully charged units may be left on the charger indefinitely. The high-speed charging rate ensures that a totally discharged unit will fully recharge in two hours which means you can be back to your sport of choice quickly. Lights indicate charging status and let you know when the unit has a full charge.
New design is rugged and reliable. Compact and ergonomically shaped with a ribbed overmolded coating for improved comfort and gripability. The new 1-1/2" fixed antenna is sleek and convenient. Transmitter uses a 9-volt replaceable battery (included).
3 black buttons - the lower button is for momentary stimulation; the middle button is for continuous stimulation; and the top button is for a new more adverse "buzz" sound.
A gray wheel in the upper right corner allows you to choose from 10 levels of stimulation or a "N" non-stimulating position.
A small light illuminates when any buttons are pressed and also lets you know when the battery is getting low.
A 3-position gray wheel allows you to select which dog/collar to activate and is color-coded to match the corresponding collar.
Internal antenna system; rugged molded case built to withstand all kinds of abuse and conditions; waterproof; rechargeable, user-replaceable NiMH batteries; Insulated contact points are made from surgical stainless steel; long and short contact points included for your convenience; built-in LED is a battery charge indicator and a test light.
1/2 mile
We include a FREE Basic Training DVD ($24.95 value).
30-day money-back guarantee and a full 2-year warranty.